The sea in red

Don’t you agree that sunrise and sunsets are two of the most mundane yet breathtaking moments of everyday lives? The fact that we experience them everyday often makes them so ordinary that we miss their beauty.

I chose the vivid red tones as a reference to this powerful and beautiful natural phenomenon


Sing your heart out

Even if you can’t hear their voices…I am sure you can imagine how they would sing in unison and harmony. Their body language says it all…they were not only singing with their voice…they were also singing with all their heart. And I love how this painting captured all their energy and creativity….👍👍:):)

For this one I applied the Kandinsky style after the famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. The predominantly orange tones were perfect to capture these performers’ energy.

The Island

Do you remember that movie The Beach with young Leonardo DiCaprio? Looking at this painting don’t you agree that this island looks equally magical? Heaven on earth indeed. Gosh…I really need a vacation…

I took the original photograph from a boat as we were approaching this tiny island. I remember how my heart beat faster with anticipation as the boat was getting nearer and nearer. Land!


Unlike the sea with its turbulent temper and changeable moods…the lake is always peaceful and calm…the perfect symbol of serenity. It’s a good place to go if you want to have a bit of contemplation or even if you just want to be alone for a while…

See how the sun rays are relected by the water? Serene indeed.

City at Night

You know what they say about the city that never sleeps. The deeper it moves into the night…the more alive it becomes. As you watch from a distance…its colorful lights feed the sky above, brighter than the stars…your spirit lifts up slowly and you smile to all what’s possible in front of you…

The city baths in blue. Brilliant color. Brilliant night. For this picture I tried to use the Abstract style