Unlike the sea with its turbulent temper and changeable moods…the lake is always peaceful and calm…the perfect symbol of serenity. It’s a good place to go if you want to have a bit of contemplation or even if you just want to be alone for a while…

See how the sun rays are relected by the water? Serene indeed.

City at Night

You know what they say about the city that never sleeps. The deeper it moves into the night…the more alive it becomes. As you watch from a distance…its colorful lights feed the sky above, brighter than the stars…your spirit lifts up slowly and you smile to all what’s possible in front of you…

The city baths in blue. Brilliant color. Brilliant night. For this picture I tried to use the Abstract style

The irony of a delicious burger

Who doesn’t love a burger? The thick yet soft buns…the fresh lettuce and the bright red tomatoes…not to mention the melting cheese and the crunchy chips. But would you eat this burger? I know…isn’t it ironic that the painting app that I used made this picture of a burger so much more beautiful than the original one that the burger itself looks so fake? 😆😆

This burger looks so real it’s fake…LoL

The girl standing by the river

Hey girl! Do you call yourself a city girl? What do you like the most about living in the city? The energy? The fast paced life? I know…and I agree with you. But mostly I love the sense that everything is possible. Don’t you think so too?

It looks so chilly here in the painting while the photo itself was taken during summer…:)

A House with an Upstair Verandah

In the warm afternoon…when the sun is about  to set…can you imagine yourself sitting on that upstair verandah sipping lemonade and enjoying the cool breeze of the wind? Comfy? Sure. Cosy? I bet.

And if the weather allows…are you soon going sailing under the moonlight too?