Kindness and Devotion

I just want this to be a reminder for myself:

These days, Clarissa believes, you measure people first by their kindness and their capacity for devotion. You get tired, sometimes, of wit and intellect; everybody’s little displays of genius. (From ‘The Hours’ by Michael Cunningham)

In my line of work I am always surrounded by smart, intelligent people. I guess it’s just part of the job that I am working in. And yes, smart people are often attractive and intellectually stimulating. They are witty, charming, confident, funny, and always seem to know what to say about all kinds of things.
But I guess, yeah, I guess I just forgot that at the end of the day, none of those really matter anymore. At the end of the day, you will realize that no smart conversation can surpass the kindness and devotion from the people who cares about you the most…☺



Moments, Experiences, Meanings

This quote reminds me of how many moments in our lives just slip away unnoticed…because we fail to live in the moment. We worry too much about the future, or let the past imprison us. We may have the experience, but it just passes us by, before we can quite grasp the meaning. Well, we can never turn back the clock, can we? I think the hope lays in our ability to contemplate, to revisit memories, in our reminiscence of all of our past experiences. Maybe then we can understand the meaning of it…and finally we can close the circle…:-).

Happiness, according to…6

And finally, here is my favorite quote on happiness…:-). You know what they say…that people often want what they don’t/ can’t have and think that they have what they don’t want, which in my opinion really is one of the root of unhappiness.

“Success is getting what you want..
Happiness is wanting what you get.” Dale Carnegie

So yes, acceptance, gratitude, in short wanting and cherishing what we have is key to our happiness…:-).

Do you agree?