After the rain

After the rain had gone you’re smiling again. Peeking out from behind the curtain you unzipped your rain coat and put down the umbrella. You’re back to your cheerful self. You may even started humming softly as you opened the door walking out embraced by the sunshine again. Okay…all good. Life’s good.


Pretty Paprika

Here is another still life painting of food. If Gaugain or Manet often painted fruits as their still life objects…well this time I’d like to try something new with….Paprika. Paprika comes in various beautiful colors that makes them perfect for this experimentation.

In this painting I tried to apply the Oil painting style. Love the raw and rough surface look that comes with this style.

The sea in white

Another painting of sunsets…only this time instead of using a lot of earthly tones I tried to experiment with cold colors such as white and gray. Sunsets in white? Why not? Well nothing is impossible in a painting don’t you think?

To get this grayish effect I tried to apply the painting style called Ukiyo-e, which is a genre mostly flourished in Japan during 17th to 19th century. Cool, isn’t it ?


Life is often described metaphorically as being in a journey, where we hope that in one our destinations we can finally find our anchorage…the roots that go deep. We embark on this long adventure to, hopefully in the end, find a place to belong…discover ourselves…to finally find peace.

Sorry if the picture is a bit small. A friend sent me this through WhatsApp sharing one of her holiday pictures. I just thought, wow what a beautiful picture, perfectly captured: picturesque, serene, and lonely.

Campus life

It’s true that the life at the campus is made up of lots and lots of books and rushed deadlines, exam weeks and even sleepless nights. But apart from that…campus life also means making a lot of friends…falling asleep under a tree during summer…or simply having a discussion outside when the weather is warm.

In living color

You know what they say about healthy eating? The more colors you incorporate into your meals the better they are for your body. Well I am not very sure about getting healthy by eating a lot of steaks…but at least  I can agree about its beautiful color…😆😆

The sea in red

Don’t you agree that sunrise and sunsets are two of the most mundane yet breathtaking moments of everyday lives? The fact that we experience them everyday often makes them so ordinary that we miss their beauty.

I chose the vivid red tones as a reference to this powerful and beautiful natural phenomenon