A Little Bit About Me and My Blog

First of all, like what you can see from my Archives I am a newbie in this whole blogosphere world. I just started blogging approximately 2 months ago. So I feel a little bit embarrassed if I talk too much about myself. I thought maybe later on when I am not a newbie anymore.

So at least let me try something that will at least give the audience a little bit wholesome story about me.

I started blogging because I was about to have a big change in my life. Other women cut their hair (I did that too..haha), I started blogging.

At the moment I am away from my home country to enrich my skills so that my career will benefit from it…(hopefully). And I am going to stay in this new country for quite some time (translation: a long time – several years actually). So, yeah, I will have a new life so to speak. Living abroad, in a foreign land, among strangers…LOL…ok…ok…I am a bit dramatic here. But yes, this is a big change for me and my family who I hope will soon join me. We are going to have an adventure! I think it’s worth celebrating, so I celebrate this new phase of my life by starting to blog.

At first I wanted to blog about my experience in my new place especially things related to my skill improvement process, but on second thought how boring it will be (for me) to write about something which for me is a compulsory thing to do.

So for my (so-called) career I have to move to another country and leave behind my family…which is the hardest part for me. At the moment I am in the process of making all the efforts (the visa applications, all those papers and documentations, etc) so that my family can join me. I hope everything goes well.

English is not my first language (but I already talked about that in one of my posts), so writing this blog in English is both a challenge and also a good practice for me. I am sorry if my English is a bit rusty.

I always love writing. Even my job involves writing (a lot of writing!!), albeit a different kind of writing entirely, but yes, writing is already a part of me for quite a long time. As a kid I loved writing on my diary and my scrapbook. I even published a poem or two and a couple short stories in my teenage years. A long time ago…:-). But these days, I think that a scrapbook or a traditional agenda with locks is no longer sufficient. That’s also the reason I started blogging. I blog because I, first and most of all, want to have a diary again. A diary so big I can write about anything.

I don’t think I have extraordinary talents or anything, I am just an ordinary person who loves writing, reading, movies, and listening to music. Pretty average, huh? Who in the world doesn’t have similar hobbies like mine? So yes, that’s pretty much what I will blog about. And I am not a movie or book or even an art critic, so I don’t write reviews or things like that. I write about how music, songs, books, or movies relate to me. What I learn from them, their meaning for me, how they inspire me to be (hopefully) a better person. ‘Cause I think it’s only if you learn from things you love that it will have deep impact on you.

Well, that’s pretty much cover everything about me, well maybe just a little bit…:-).

Welcome to my blog.

Hope you enjoy it. And YES, your comments, feedback, and responses are more than welcome…;-).


Updated on Sept 12, 2013

I think I’d better update my About page…and to save time (just an excuse for being lazy really…LoL) I’ll just copy and paste it from my post here

Yes, my family is here with me now…:-). They arrived a couple of months ago. They are truly what makes this place a home. If you have your family with you, you can make any place your home…even when you’re in the corner of the world…haha. They make my peace of mind and give me the strength I really need.

I must say that my family adapts very well with this new situation. A new place, a new home, new school, new job, new friends, in a foreign country, with different language, I know it’s not easy. Yet, they seem happy and this is a great relief for me. And humbled me too. In a way, I made them sacrificed so much, I want their support so much that I wanted them to join me here. For us to be together, my family must gave up a lot of things that are dear to them. And I can never thank them enough. They must leave their comfort zone and their habitat for their whole life to live in a new environment.

And it amazes me to watch the strength people have in order to survive. Their ability to adapt, their willingness to make such a huge effort, their flexibility to accept the new situation. I am really grateful for them. And children really are strong creatures…:-). Never underestimate children and their (quick) ability to learn and to adapt in a new surrounding. But what really makes me happy is that my sons are making friends quite smoothly, and they have friends from all over the world now…:-).

My husband is working now. His job now is entirely different from what he used to do back home, yet he feels very excited about it and I admire his enthusiasm and the way he look about life and changes. I respect him for setting aside any grudges, worries, or maybe even his ego and simply just get on with it. He learns about his job everyday, enjoy the challenge, and see it more as sort of an adventure…:-). With his broken English, my husband even makes more friends than me…LoL. It really makes me happy to see him laugh often and enjoying his new situation.

All I can say is that family really is a greatest gift of all…:-). And in the 21st century, what makes a family does not necessarily made of marriage, by blood or because we share the same family tree. You can always choose whoever you want to be your family…;-)




3 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me and My Blog

  1. This is a REALLY really good about-me page! And only took you 2 months to revise it, thats pretty good 🙂 You sound like a wonderful person and I hope you keep blogging about all your cool adventures!

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