Paintings in my mind…

Hi all…Gosh it’s really been a while since the last time I posted in my blog. Feels like a lifetime ago…haha.

For you who once in a while  stumble upon or got directed by Google or other social media links to my blog I notice that many of you mostly visited my  writings on paintings. It’s good to know that we share the same interest…:)☺.

And I am sure many of you who loves paintings as much as I do know that so many photo-to-paintings apps are now available to download to our multiple gadgets. And as a hopelessly talentless person in anything artistic…LoL…I must admit that pretending to be Renoir or Gaugain for a while can be quite  addictive…thanks to those brilliant…brilliant apps!

So I think why not share my ‘talent’ and my not-even-close imitation to Vermeer or Sargent here in my blog? But first  of all of course I must say that all credits go to the people with real talent: those amazing artists who design these apps. And if you have similar experience like mine why don’t you share your stories about your love of paintings with me…☺

I have to say that I am surprised by what can be created from what is basically just a mediocre picture…👍👍😆😆


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