On Identity

So the other day while I was shopping a woman suddenly approached me and spoke to me pleasantly in a language I don’t understand. I felt bad that I had to embarras her but I said, “I am sorry but I don’t speak that language.”
She seemed surprised and asked me in English,”Aren’t you Filipino?”
“No, I am afraid not.”
And this is not the first time I was mistakenly thought as a Filipino although this was the first time I was approached in their language…a Tagalog, I presume? Other times people usually asked first, “Excuse me, are you Filipino?”
My husband has a similar experience. Only people often thought him as Pakistani or Indian. Haha…very funny…:D. And yes once…oh no…twice actually when he was suddenly approached by a complete stranger speaking in a languange he does not understand because he was thought from a certain nationality.
My friend, a Vietnamese girl asked me once,”So, if we don’t know each other would you know if I am Vietnamese?
She was a bit disappointed when I told her no I would not know. I could easily thought her as Chinese or Thai or even Japanese.
“Not even from my built, my accent, or the way I dress?” She pursued.
Sorry but the answer is still no.
And the same case are exactly the same with my Caucasian friends. Even if they seem to know how to differentiate…let’s say…an American from an Australian or a Swedish…that case would not apply to me. For me they would look the same….white, and tall, with blondish or brownish hair…and bluish eyes.
So yeah…I guess in one way or another we often look similar to other people than not.
If only people focus more on our
similarities than our differences…:).



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