Life’s Mystery and Revelation

“Life is like that. There’s always more, always a reveal.” Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

I can’t believe this is the end of the year again. Well you know what they say…time flies. When we read a book, or watching a movie, we kind of expect that the answers would be revealed at the end of the story. So we read and watch the movie patiently, knowing that there’s a reward for our patience at the end of the book or the movie; a reward in the form of revelations, of answers, understanding, and even closure. And we feel good knowing the answers, even when the revelations are not really what we expect them to be. But knowing is always a big reassurance.

I wish I can say the same about life. I think you will agree with me that life is a real big mystery to us all, with so many twists in its plots, so many surprises along the way, so many cliffhangers, if we may borrow those terms from a story telling devices. But life is a story…THE STORY that we have to play along with scripts that keeps changing, with us often in complete darkness as how it will turn out at the end.

So yes, this is the end of the year again. But does it mean that we are going to be rewarded with more revelations? I really hope so. For you who already get a glimpse of those unveiling of mysteries in your life, I am happy for you. I really do. Congratulations…:-). But for you, who like me, are still in the dark…well what can I say. We’re at the same boat, I guess…:-). It’s true though, and we have to admit, some of the mysteries are answered. If our life is a sitcom – a dark comedy perhaps (I prefer to look at it that way, knowing that God loves to make jokes with our lives), we know that some revelations are already given to us in our previous ‘seasons’…haha. Maybe by now we understand why we don’t end up marrying our first love, or why we fail to apply to our dream job…:-D. Gosh, it felt good…the revelations.

But yes, life is not over. Our story still continues. And so are the mysteries and the plot twists, the cliffhangers, and the surprises. Brace yourself knowing that the scripts will keep changing. There’s always hope I guess, that at the end we will finally understand. At least I really have a big hope for that. And faith too.


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