I know this month is almost up, but September is my birthday month, and this year for the first time I celebrate it in a foreign country, not that it makes any different of course, you become older just the same…LoL. I just wanna say a very big thank you for all those kind, warm birthday wishes coming from my friends and family back home. Thank you for remembering my birthday…:-).

In my age, another birthday sometimes only serves as a reminder of how far we have gone in our life’s journey, how much we have achieved, not only as a person but most importantly as a human being, how much have you contribute, do you actually have something to be proud of about what you do? Not to forget to be grateful, of course, for what we already have.

Here are several notes to self:

  1. Be a better mother and wife.
  2. Try to stop or at least less worrying about what the future may brings.
  3. Less asking questions about the meanings of everything that happened to you. Just make a lesson out of it, there must be…;-).
  4. Try to live day by day – live your life each day so you won’t lost the moment that is happening to you. Instead of always living for the future (or the past sometimes), try to embrace today for a change, and really absorb everything that happens today. Just be present in the present…:-).
  5. Be a better person: wiser, kinder, nicer, friendlier.
  6. Definitely more prayers. Pray and surrender.
  7. More acceptance. Believe that what you have is what’s best for you.
  8. Just let go. No more holding on. Let. Go.
  9. You can’t change the past. What’s done is done. See it this way: either as a blessing or a lesson.
  10. G.R.O.W U.P – it’s about time really!



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