On Chances and Possibilities

I think now I can really say that I’m finally settling in here…:-). I have some ( a few though..not many) new good quite close friends from other countries apart from the people from my own country that I met here. I’ve become accustomed to all those walks I make everyday in this hilly landscape  to the point where I suddenly realized that my thighs were no longer hurt…LoL. Although I still can’t walk in my high heels ( and I miss them terribly…*sigh*)…I can finally appreciate my ballerina and my other flat shoes…as they’ve become my powerful ally…haha.

But most of all, I really enjoy the feeling that so much is possible. Being here have opened up my mind that chances and possibilities are endless…they’re just out there waiting for you…and it depends on you and only you to make them come true. Being here makes me realize that I can dig up so many potentials that’s been so long buried within me, without even me knowing about them. A truly empowering feeling! I can’t believe that I’m starting to make so many plans, not just for me, but for my family as well. The hope is high and the possibilities are endless…those two makes a powerful combination to make you feel so alive. And grateful too, of course.

Yes, my family is here with me now…:-). They arrived a couple of months ago. They are truly what makes this place a home. If you have your family with you, you can make any place your home…even when you’re in the corner of the world…haha. They make my peace of mind and give me the strength I really need.

I must say that my family adapts very well with this new situation. A new place, a new home, new school, new job, new friends, in a foreign country, with different language, I know it’s not easy. Yet, they seem happy and this is a great relief for me. And humbled me too. In a way, I made them sacrificed so much, I want their support so much that I wanted them to join me here. For us to be together, my family must gave up a lot of things that are dear to them. And I can never thank them enough. They must leave their comfort zone and their habitat for their whole life to live in a new environment.

And it amazes me to watch the strength people have in order to survive. Their ability to adapt, their willingness to make such a huge effort, their flexibility to accept the new situation. I am really grateful for them. And children really are strong creatures…:-). Never underestimate children and their (quick) ability to learn and to adapt in a new surrounding. But what really makes me happy is that my sons are making friends quite smoothly, and they have friends from all over the world now…:-).

My husband is working now. His job now is entirely different from what he used to do back home, yet he feels very excited about it and I admire his enthusiasm and the way he look about life and changes. I respect him for setting aside any grudges, worries, or maybe even his ego and simply just get on with it. He learns about his job everyday, enjoy the challenge, and see it more as sort of an adventure…:-). With his broken English, my husband even makes more friends than me…LoL. It really makes me happy to see him laugh often and enjoying his new situation.

All I can say is that family really is a greatest gift of all…:-). And in the 21st century, what makes a family does not necessarily made of marriage, by blood or because we share the same family tree. You can always choose whoever you want to be your family…;-)

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