Romance vs Marriage

People often craves for Romance. The endless search for The One, that magical mythical creature which in my opinion only lives in a fantasy world created by media (romance novels, romantic comedy movies, etc), which can (eventually) poison our minds. Yes, romance is intoxicating and exciting. All those goosebumps and butterflies. The thunders and the storms. Opposite attracts. The sparks. The chemistry. Your heart flutters, full of passion, and you are falling…falling…falling.

What is Love? What is Romance? People often use those words interchangeably, simultaneously, with love substituting for romance and vice versa. But people forget that romance diminishes eventually. Does it mean that the love has gone, then? Well, marriage may can’t always offer you the kind of romance ‘that many waters cannot quench, nor the floods drown’,  but if it can give me “inns in roads” and “islands in seas”, “an alliance to defeat” whatever comes our way, then perhaps, in it we find  the kind of true love that we’ve always been searching  for.


The Three Candles by Marc Chagall


4 thoughts on “Romance vs Marriage

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  2. Romance is love chasing you still..and when you return my hug with a kiss..I know romance is there still..its that expectations are again fulfilled by you with just a touch as clue..and you know what it makes us two 🙂 romantic couple in love for true..ever and ever..never too exhausted nor bored that true..

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