When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder.
When you’re in my arms but you’ve gone somewhere deeper.

When oblivion is calling out your name,
You always take it further than I ever can.

I read on one of the comments in YouTube about this song, that this song is about losing someone to dementia or Alzheimer due to old age. I agree, that’s one interpretation. But for me, this song can also relate to a lot of our relationships, especially which deals with compatibility issues. You know, when we love someone so much and we desperately want to understand him/ her perfectly, when we want to go deeper with them, yet somehow they seem to become more and more unfathomable; we simply can’t reach their minds. As if they have a world of their own where we can’t enter, it’s depressing!

What do you think? How do you interpret this song?

Thank you so much for smilecloseup for this beautiful lyrics video. Enjoy this amazing song from Bastille…:-)


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