Byronic Heroes in Today’s Pop Culture

Do girls really like bad boys more? I wonder why so many pop culture creators these days seem to be following the same pattern in creating their heroes/ male lead?

Brooding? Check.

Mysterious? Check.

Bad boys qualities? Check.

Dark past? Check.

Moody? Check.

Angry? Check.

Dominant? Check

What is so appealing in these qualities, that they become some sort of required characteristics to make a best seller or a blockbuster or a high ratings? Do women think that men with those qualities are sexy? 🙂 Do we still search for the ultimate Alpha male? Seriously? Do we still suffer from the Cinderella Complex? In the 21st century? LoL…:D

I think I have to blame Charlotte Bronte for this obsession, since it was her who created the ultimate Byronic Hero of all time! Mr. Rochester, of course!

JANE EYRE 2006 3 235

– My favorite version of Mr. Rochester: Toby Stephens

The Successful (and not so successful) Followers:

– Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries TV series


– Eric Northman from the True Blood series


– Edward Cullen from the Twilight series


– Mick St. John from the Moonlight TV series

vincent keller

– Vincent Keller from the Beauty and the Beast TV series reboot.


– Daniel Grigory from the Fallen series

hush hush books

– Patch from the Hush Hush series

Interesting isn’t it that most of them are characters in today’s teen lit. And that (the supposedly) contradictory characters such as vampires and (fallen) angels seem to have the similar qualities? Why do media seem to be promoting that these qualities as the most ideal in men? What happens to the sweet, kind, funny, and smart men? Are they ‘out of date’? 😉

But, don’t get me wrong…I do enjoy those characters very much.

My favorite vampire characters (listed according to hotness…haha…pun intended) are:

1. Mick St. John (you should watch this series. Too bad that they don’t continue making the season 2. Alex O’Loughlin is simply hot!)

2. Damon Salvatore (who can resist those eyes? Lol…)

3. Eric Northman ( 3 words: Sexy As Hell…hahaha)

Sorry, Cullen,  I guess you don’t make it into my list…But the other Edward (that is, Rochester), being an original, he will always have a place in my heart…:-).

Well, I guess us girls just wanna have someone who takes our breath away, once in a while…what do you think?


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