There are episodes in my life that I’d want to go on forever.

But of course, there is no such thing as ‘go on forever’ in life.

Yet, sometimes I find it very hard to understand, if things happen in our lives only to end one day, then why they did came across our lives in the first place?

There are episodes in my life that I still can’t figure out why they happened to me.

I keep searching for their meanings.

I keep trying to make sense of them.

I keep hoping that someday I would understand.

I keep praying that they happened for a reason.

I keep wanting to believe that they happened because they were meant to be.

And that someday, our paths will cross again, once more…



2 thoughts on “Episodes

  1. You’re not alone, my friend… But meaning is all around. The ability to find meaning takes practice and is a wholly unique/individual/subjective experience. Have you read the Celestine Prophecy?

    • Thank you for your kind words…:-). Yeah, I know about that book. It was quite a best seller several years ago, wasn’t it? Thank you for recommending that to me, I think I’ll check it out. Maybe they still have one in the local library…;-)

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