Vampire Literature and Eternal Youth

I just realized that today we live surrounded by vampires…;). We see them everywhere, especially on TV and cinema and it seems to me that they like hanging out in bookstores…:). I know that vampires has always been popular in our culture, maybe even long before Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. In the ’70s, there was The Vampire Chronicles series, written by Anne Rice, with the first book of the series, Interview with The Vampire was made into a movie in 1994. But vampires in those days were different with today’s vampires. The vampire characters in those days are somehow more multi dimensional, more complex, and ironically, more human.Today, vampire literature seems to focus more on being young forever  and most importantly: being good looking! Almost every vampire character in vampire novels these days are depicted as being very beautiful and handsome. I wonder if vampire literature today only enhance the already overrated obsession in our culture towards youth and youthfulness? Is growing old really that scary that we even have to envy vampires who actually only creatures of fantasy and do not exist in real life at all? Don’t you think that’s too paranoid? Or are we really live in times when being old is simply equals as being non existent?


The Twilight Series


The Vampire Academy series


The House of Night series


One thought on “Vampire Literature and Eternal Youth

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