Factory Girl: Edie Sedgwick – The First Celebrity

In this post I’d like to talk yet about another icon from the ’60s. Movies tend to glamorize certain eras, and the ’60s is certainly one of them. Another era glamorized by the movie is the ’20s (the jazz, the flapper girls with their short bob cut, the bootlegging, and of course the often romanticized organized crimes – the mafias). The ’60s is usually portrayed as dynamic, with all those sexual and social revolution, the hippies, the flower generation, the mini skirt, the VWs…;-), and the Woodstock concert. Another if I may call ‘contribution’ of the ’60s for our contemporary culture is the emerging of celebrity culture, with Edie Sedgwick as one of its pioneer. Celebrities nowadays usually defined as persons who are famous simply for being famous.  Paris Hilton is usually set as an example of the ‘ultimate’ celebrity. But long before Hilton, there was Edie Sedgwick, an heiress who said to lost all of her inheritance only within weeks (!). The girl who coined the phrase ‘It Girl’ whose style and (perceived) lifestyles were envied by thousands of girls, yet ironically often dubbed as ‘The Poor Little Rich Girl’.

The movie Factory Girl is a biopic of Edie Sedgwick. Sienna Miller is fantastic as Sedgwick, even imitates her throaty voice perfectly. And Guy Pearce is brilliant as Andy Warhol. And there is also Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan.



Edie Sedgwick the pioneer of It Girl


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