High Heels Sick


It’s not that I don’t feel homesick. Of course I miss my home country. But I keep in touch with my family everyday, call them often enough that it’s not that bad anymore. And they’re coming anyway, hopefully soon now, so I am counting days…:-). But my high heels, that’s another story. Apart from missing my family, I also miss my high heels. I know it’s that sad really…LoL. And it’s not that I left them behind, no, I actually brought them here, even though only one pair…:-(. The problem is…this place is simply NOT high heels friendly…in my opinion. The landscape is hilly, and I have to walk  a lot…and I mean it really…I do a lot of walking…so wearing high heels is simply out of the question. And I miss wearing them…:-(. And to make it even worse, there are a lot of other women here in this country who somehow have an extraordinary talent to wear high heels in hilly environment. How can they manage it, I really don’t get it. And they walk so easily, so beautifully, and so fast, they make it look so easy. I have to admit that I envy them…:-(. And I am amazed at the same time too. Well, maybe they have lots and lots of practice. But I don’t think I can ever quite master it, even if I have lots of practice. Not in this country anyway. I guess, I have to accept the fact that for a very long time I won’t be able to wear high heels anymore…sigh…


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